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inflected forms: arose; arisen; arising;
to come into being; originate

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-John Bingham

iPhone RunKeeper Free: No more route editing?

Filed Under (Products) by Matt on 16-03-2010

It appears that RunKeeper Free users no longer get to edit their routes on the RunKeeper website when the app decides to flip out and not realize you’ve turned on an out-and-back section of your run.  There used to be (and it is still referenced in the FAQ) a “EDIT ROUTE” button on the map where you could adjust it.

Well, in Firefox I ran Firebug, found the button’s code which was set to “display:hidden”, changed it to “display:block” and clicked it.  The feature is still fully there, functional, and allowed me to save my edits.  I am wondering if this is just a mixup on their end as they are debugging something, or if they are truly taking this option away from users.

It was present this past Thursday, as I used it then.  It did not appear as an option on that run’s map now though, so they either were working on their site, or they have attempted to disable it for their Free users.

Hopefully this is just a glitch and it will return to normal by my next run.  Otherwise, I’ll look at other free apps or be forced to consider purchasing the Pro version.

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