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"The miracle isn't that I finished. The miracle is that I had the courage to start."
-John Bingham

Trail Running in Colorado

Filed Under (Destinations, Trail Running) by Matt on 22-05-2009

In my past life (a.k.a. prior to taking up running), someone repeatedly tried to get me to join them in taking trips to Colorado to places such as Denver and Steamboat Springs.  Being lazy at the time and not caring about all of the potential trails offered by these destinations, I repeatedly missed these opportunities for one reason or another.  Now that I run and have spoken with friends who have moved out there, along with seeing some amazing trails in various running magazines, I’m no longer content with taking a sideline role – I am eager to visit Colorado and conquer a trail or two.

I was actually looking for guided trail running vacations in Colorado the other day and I did indeed find several tempting packages.  However, in perusing Running Times’ website, I found an article on this fine state and all of the trail adventures that it offers.  The article is a great resource as it has details on excellent trails to run with links to further information, as well as a listing of major races in the area.

What I found to be most interesting was the recommendation of Boulder, CO versus somewhere like Steamboat Springs or Vail.  Apparently there are trails aplenty in and near Boulder, along with a vibrant running community.  I guess I know where I’ll be going when I plan a vacation out there within the next year or two.  First, I need to get some trail running experience under my belt before I make a vacation out of it.  Injuring yourself due to lack of experience on the first day of a vacation just sounds like an awful idea.

Check out the article for more information.  It is a short yet informative read: Running Times Magazine: Purple Mountain Majesties.

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