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Product: GoLite HydroSprint Bottlebelt

Filed Under (Products, Trail Running) by Matt on 20-05-2009

GoLite HydroSprint Bottlebelt

I’ve been bad about keeping a blog going in the past, but maybe since this one is about something I enjoy I’ll be able to stick with it.  Here goes nothing…

I am really interested in getting into trail running sometime soon.  Not knowing where to go or knowing anyone who is experienced in trail running is all that holds me back, besides not having the proper gear.  I’ll go to Big Peach Running Co for the proper shoes when the time comes, but I wondered about staying hydrated on the long runs in woods far from your car or other resources.

I paid a visit to Runner’s World and found their Trail Running – Water to Go article where they offered up the best picks in the three varieties of hydration sources: packs, belts, and handhelds.  I think the belt is the way to go and will probably be useful in long road runs as I up my mileage toward the half and full marathons.

GoLite’s offer, the HydroSprint Bottlebelt ($40) offers a 20 oz BPA-free bottle along with an upside-down mounted 5 oz “flask” for gels.  The belt has designs for both men and women to allow for proper fitment and they say it will keep from bouncing as you run.

Once I find a trail and a guide, I’ll be buying one of these belts and giving it a shot.

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